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Established in 2008, GanjaSeeds is one of the oldest and most popular e-shops for selling high-quality cannabis seeds. Over the years, we have gained the trust and reputation of a conscientious and trustworthy seller. The quality of our products, combined with a user-friendly and intuitive e-shop interface, supported by impeccable customer service, meets high American and European requirements and standards. Our range of seeds is constantly expanding so that growers can find seeds to suit their needs and preferences. In addition, owing to the efforts of our dedicated breeders, GanjaSeeds is involved in both the selection and production of our cannabis seeds, collaborating exclusively with the world's leading seed banks and top breeders. Our extensive collection of cannabis seeds includes legendary, classic, and rare strains, as well as the modern cannabis industry's bestsellers. Your trust in us is your choice of reliable experts capable of satisfying the most demanding and sophisticated wishes.

GanjaSeeds is a team of experienced experts and breeders who have been improving and preserving the unique heritage of their predecessors for years, as well as developing new and unique cannabis strains. We are proud to be the leading online marketplace for cannabis seeds in numerous countries around the world. Except for indica and sativa hybrids, the seedshop's range includes varieties containing genetics derived from African, Nepalese, Asian, Tibetan, Indian, Jamaican, Vietnamese, North American, and Eastern European landraces.

Our mission is to provide the easiest and most convenient service available, allowing customers to buy cannabis seeds at an affordable price. GanjaSeeds sponsors various competitions and cups and is an exclusive partner of numerous thematic forums dedicated to the cannabis culture. We actively share our knowledge regarding the methods and approaches to cannabis cultivation. We also contribute to the movement aimed at dismantling stereotypes spread over decades regarding the so-called dangers of cannabis. Each variety description is accurate and backed by our experience. We strive to provide as much detailed information as possible on each item so that the customers can be absolutely sure that they are buying exactly what they want. Our true asset is feedback we receive from satisfied growers. Our reputation, backed by appreciation, has allowed us to come a long way and constantly improve the quality of our services.

Our Range

The collection of GanjaSeeds includes medicinal, outdoor, indoor, feminized, autoflowering, and regular strains.

Regular strains. Purchase data statistics confirm a rising trend supported by growers opting for regular cannabis seeds, giving them the green light to produce their own seeds for the upcoming season. These varieties produce both female and male plants. In the corresponding section of the website, we have compiled the most famous regular strains produced by world-renowned seed banks as well as famous private breeders. (Read more)

Feminized strains. This collection offers only the finest feminized cannabis seeds. The seeds produce only female plants, allowing the grower to significantly save on electricity and reduce the space required for cultivation. The seeds of such strains require more resources and time for their production; therefore, their price is slightly higher. (Read more)

Autoflowering regular strains. Autoflowering regular strains are cannabis seeds that can produce both male and female plants with at least a 50/50 probability. This means that regular strains have a chance of developing male plants that do not produce a significant yield of flowers but are still important for maintaining genetic diversity and breeding. Due to their genetic makeup, autoflowering allows them to bloom at the right time. On average, autoflowering strains start blooming in about 2 weeks following the formation of the first true leaves. (Read more)

Autoflowering feminized strains. Our pride. When growing autoflowering feminized strains, growers will not have to worry about the appearance of male plants capable of pollinating sinsemilla bushes. Autoflowering features will cut energy costs while the quality of yields will not budge an inch compared to regular autoflowering strains. The only drawback is the low yield, which is more than compensated for by the plant's short life cycle and the ability to harvest up to three crops per season. (Read more)

Medicinal strains. Millions of people around the world consume medical cannabis to relieve pain, nausea, and improve appetite due to a number of conditions. It does not cure diseases, but it does alleviate their symptoms. Extracts and dried buds can be used to reduce the need for other medications and mitigate their adverse effects. For the cultivation and consumption of medical cannabis, it is essential to pick strains with the required CBD and THC content. The pages of our website provide information on medical cannabis seeds, producing sinsemilla, characterized by therapeutic effects and suitable for the production of healing extracts. (Read more)

Champions. Our Hall of Fame honors world champions, winners of cups, and contests dedicated to the cannabis culture. Annual championships are held in many countries that have legalized cannabis, where breeders present their new varieties. Professional juries nominate the most outstanding representatives and award them with trophies. Different groups of strains can be nominated in different categories: "Variety of the Season", "Best Indica", "Best Sativa", "Best Hashish", etc. (Read more)

Strains for beginners. We will not leave novice growers empty-handed, even if they have just embarked on the exciting course of growing cannabis! Junior gardeners can learn about easy-to-grow strains of their favorite plant in the "For Beginners" section of the website. These strains are known for their durable immunity to diseases and for being forgiving of common missteps made by inexperienced growers. Providing the cannabis plants with minimal yet adequate conditions (light, water, nutrient-rich soil), those who have never grown cannabis before will be rewarded with an impressive yield of fragrant buds. (Read more)

Read more about all stages of cultivation available on the forum of our partner – GanjaLive. Hundreds of grow reports, cheat sheets for beginners, and the knowledge shared by experienced growers will help you navigate through the exciting journey of your first cultivation with ease till you enjoy your amazing yield.


The quality of our seeds offered does not require bombastic statements or advertising. Since 2008, we remain a trusted partner for thousands of growers around the world. GanjaSeeds delivers only tested cannabis seeds produced by reputable seed banks from Europe, Canada, Spain, and the United States. Each seed undergoes a multi-stage testing procedure and features a high germination rate (up to 99%). Seeds produced by private breeders and new seed banks that have recently entered the global trade are tested by hundreds of growers before being made available to the general cannabis community. Timely and professional service is our top priority. Our operators are always ready to answer any questions, provide the necessary advice and help you make the right choice from a wide range of products. We are always in touch and happy to help you find the right strain for your happy grow and ultimately the perfect harvest.


We store cannabis seeds in designated glass containers inside isolated premises. The optimum temperature and relative humidity are constantly monitored. The premises are properly ventilated. The air is kept dry at all times.

F1 only. We do not offer pennywhistle hybrids of the second and third generation. All cannabis seeds presented on our website are pure F1 hybrids. Our seeds are not genetically modified or treated with fungicides. The selection of landraces and the breeding of new products are carried out only in greenhouses and enclosed areas, excluding the possibility of contact with male pollen. Thus, we guarantee the superior quality of the seed material.

The Unique Collection

Since the very first days of our operation and independent breeding, we have selected famous seed banks and compiled a unique collection of strains. We offer pure indica, sativa, as well as hybrids derived from them. Everyone is welcome to open our treasure trove!

Consistent Updating

We are consistently updating our lineup, striving to add unpretentious strains with high CBD and THC content - the most essential features for recreational users. The majority of e-shop visitors are growers cultivating cannabis in a modest home grow environment. We pay a great deal of attention to autoflowering strains with strong immunity, disease resistance, and maximum yield potential. Demanding and experienced cannabis growers will find magnificent strains with heavenly flavors, distinctive and highly memorable effects.

Safety First!

Another crucial and unconditional priority for the GanjaSeeds team is the absolute safety of every customer. The company ensures the highest level of data inaccessibility and confidentiality. To make a purchase, it is enough to provide the minimum amount of information necessary to process and deliver your order. We store the personal information of registered users on secure and protected servers and do not share it with third parties under any circumstances. Upon your request, we commit to promptly deleting all data in our possession, leaving your account empty and your history cleared. In addition to keeping personal information confidential, we are equally meticulous when it comes to secure and inconspicuous packaging. All orders are shipped in the original packaging, which guarantees their integrity during transportation. By mutual agreement, we can send your order in a "stealth package" to ensure the secrecy of its contents, e.g., in a toy, clothing, or souvenir.

Shipping and Payment

Our company guarantees timely delivery of orders. Once the order is completed and paid for, we do our best to ship it the same day. A variety of payment options will satisfy even the most demanding and cautious customers. If you do not find a suitable way to pay in the list of payment options, no worries, we can always meet you halfway. Please contact the e-shop's online operator, who will surely find a convenient payment option for you, assist you in arranging delivery terms, and provide advice on any other issues. We are always in touch!

Perks and Discounts

We have developed and launched impressive referral and bonus programs for our customers. There is also a cumulative quantity discount program implemented in our e-shop. You get points for each purchase and can redeem them with your next order. We value our clients and strive to run engaging promotions and giveaways to not only please you with discounts, but to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. We are grateful to everyone who stays with us throughout the entire history of GanjaSeeds! We also appreciate our new customers for making us their choice!