The best thing about cannabis seeds is picking them out

If you want to buy cannabis seeds in our online shop, you should choose your strain, indicate the desired quantity of seeds in the opened window, and click the "Buy" button. The cart will be added with the selected item(s).

Navigate to the cart, verify the correct quantity and item name, then click "Checkout". The opened page will offer you to fill in the form with your full name, phone number, and email address to which the operator will send the generated invoice. The phone number is required to send an SMS notification when your package arrives at the post office.

Once you have completed the forms, please verify that all information is correct and click "Next".

We will quickly process, pack, and ship your purchase

The service will direct you to the next page and offer to select the city and post office number for delivery. If you want your purchase to be shipped internationally (registered mail), the system will ask you to enter an address with a zip code. Once you have double-checked the information you have entered, proceed to the selection of a payment option by clicking on the "Next" button.

Choose a payment option

At this step, the customer must choose the most appropriate payment option and proceed to the next page by clicking "Next".

One quick step and the seeds are on their way to you

You will open structured and compiled information about your order along with delivery details as a separate document. We suggest you double-check your information and then confidently click "Checkout".

If you choose Bitcoin, Visa/Mastercard, or Western Union as your payment option, please check your email in a few minutes. Our manager will send you the payment invoice and tracking number as soon as possible and coordinate your steps to avoid any mistakes.