Соглашение GanjaSeeds

General Provisions

This Agreement is intended to govern the relationship between the GanjaSeeds e-shop (hereinafter referred to as "the Seller"), and the Client (hereinafter referred to as "the Customer").

The Seller publicly (via the Internet) offers the Customer products not prohibited by law, namely, cannabis breeder seeds. The Seller offers products "as they are" (cannabis seeds) as well as seed products from foreign breeders. The Seller ensures the high quality of products, timely delivery of orders, and Customer support (advice on payment, shipment, availability of seeds in stock, and their characteristics).

The Customer may either register on our official GanjaSeeds website or purchase without registration by providing the Consultant (hereinafter referred to as "the Operator") with a convenient means of communication or email, to which a letter containing the order information (the accompanying note (invoice)) will subsequently be sent.

All operations with products purchased from GanjaSeeds, including germination and cultivation, may be illegal in the Customer's country. Therefore, we strongly recommend that visitors to our website study the laws of their country or state before placing and paying for their order. For the sake of clarity, we sell our seeds and related products only to eligible individuals over the age of 21. The resale of seeds purchased from our e-shop, as well as the liability arising from such actions, is the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The Seller does not promote, encourage, or coerce the Customer to purchase any product that is publicly available on the Internet on the pages of the GanjaSeeds e-shop. Registration and payment of the formed order is an expression of the Customer's choice and will. GanjaSeeds e-shop offers a range of exclusive cannabis seeds (F1 hybrids) produced by GanjaSeeds and foreign breeders from Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Canada, etc. The price of products available on our online marketplace is set by the Seller, based on economic feasibility, and may be changed unilaterally without public notice.

Privacy and Data Protection

The Seller does not store any personal information about its Customers and does not provide such information to any third party. The Seller guarantees the privacy of all data provided by the Customer, except for the information necessary for the delivery of products (via postal services).

 The Customer grants the Seller the right to use the personal data (provided during registration or given to the Operator) only for sending the package. The list of personal data for the shipment of a package is compiled following the requirements established by the postal services.

Working Hours

The Seller is available 24/7 and operates without weekends or public holidays. This ensures that the Customer can purchase at any time of the day or night.

Ways to Place an Order

The Customer, using the online order service, selects a product, clicks the "Buy" button, and places it to the shopping cart (the whole process is done automatically by clicking the "Add to Cart" button). By proceeding to the "Shopping Cart" section, the Customer fills out the registration form and pays for the order. The Customer must be registered to automatically create a "Personal Cabinet". There you can track the status and history of your orders. When the Customer registers, promotions, and newsletters are made available via email.

Direct Order

If you want to purchase from the GanjaSeeds e-shop, try contacting the Operator directly. This type of order requires the Customer to provide all information necessary to process the order and deliver the package. Contact information is available on the Contact Us page.

Viewing the Range and Selecting Products

The e-shop has a simple and easy-to-use interface with menu functions for viewing categories and their descriptions. Procedures for viewing, selecting, and purchasing seed products and other items in the e-shop are specified in the appropriate sections and will not cause any difficulties. The Customer can add products to the cart at their discretion and then edit it by deleting or adding items.

There are no irreversible actions at the GanjaSeeds e-shop. Even after paying for the products and confirming the order, the Customer may (before the shipment) replace the selected seeds (strains) with equivalent ones within the paid amount, or add new items to the order by covering the difference. To make changes to undelivered but confirmed orders, you need to contact the Operator of our e-shop. Contact information is available on the Contact Us page.


The Seller offers several options for the shipment of orders. The Customer is free to choose the shipment option and, in consultation with the Seller, determine the time of shipment.

For more information on our shipment options, please visit the "Payment and Delivery" section available on our website.

Branded Packaging and Guarantees for the Safety of Products during Transportation

Cannabis seeds are shipped only in branded packaging to prevent damage to the seeds during transportation. The Seller guarantees the packaging of the seed products and other goods of the e-shop in an opaque, thick, and airtight container (an envelope, a parcel, a cardboard box).

At the Customer's request, the Seller may deliver the seeds without the branded packaging. In this case, the e-shop is not responsible if the seeds are damaged during transportation.

Paying for Products

Selected items will be shipped on the condition of full prepayment. This does not apply if the order is delivered by a courier.

Customers of GanjaSeeds e-shop can choose from the following payment options:

  • Payment in cash upon delivery by a courier.
  • Payment by e-money transfer to an e-wallet. Internet banking or payment via cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Bank transfer by debit or credit card and other bank transfer systems.

For more information on our payment options, please visit the "Payment and Delivery" section available on our website.

Rule of Law

In January 2022, with little notice, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) declared cannabis seeds legal in the United States. The reason for this decision by the DEA was the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp, subsequently defining, and separating it from marijuana consumed as Cannabis Sativa as anything containing less than 0.03% delta-9-THC. When asked if marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds, as well as tissue cultures and "other genetic material," are legal, the agency responds that hemp seeds containing less than 0.03% delta-9-THC fall within the definition of hemp and therefore are not a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act. In other words, yes, cannabis seeds fall under the legal definition of hemp, and yes, they can be sold without criminal liability.

There are currently 23 states in the United States where it is legal to grow your own cannabis plants for personal use. The cultivation of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes is permitted in Alaska, Washington*, Vermont, Virginia, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, and Oregon. The cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes is permitted in Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah.

*Among them, Washington stands out as an unusual example, where recreational use of cannabis is allowed, but only medical cardholders can grow their own plants.

How much marijuana can be legally possessed?

In most states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, you must be at least 21 years old. You can legally possess up to one ounce (28.3 grams) of marijuana per person. Under the laws regulating cannabis cultivation, you can grow up to 12 plants. However, some states, such as Alaska, allow up to 25 plants to be grown on private property and for personal use only.

Seed products can be used for research, medical, beauty, and cooking purposes. Cannabis seeds are used as food supplements for healthy nutrition and cosmetology, as well as pet food and fishing bait. In many civilized countries, cannabis seeds are often presented as souvenirs.

The laws regarding cannabis in the United States vary from state to state. While some states have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational and/or medical purposes, other states still consider it to be illegal. Be sure to check the laws of your state of residence before taking any action.

Since the legal framework for cannabis is constantly changing, it is important to be aware of your state's laws. We recommend checking your state's official government website for the latest updates or contacting local legal and human rights organizations for accurate and relevant information on cannabis regulation.

The GanjaSeeds e-shop does not sell its products for the cultivation of cannabis plants. The main goal of our seed bank is to preserve rare cannabis landraces, breed hybrids from them, and save unique strains for future generations. Customers of our e-shop are allowed to use the seeds for any purpose except cultivation unless it is illegal in your state.

The Customer, beyond any reasonable doubt, fully recognizes that the cultivation of cannabis plants remains illegal in some states and countries and takes full responsibility for his/her actions.

The Seller does not promote the cultivation or consumption of plants containing substances classified as narcotics in certain states or countries. The Seller does not encourage visitors to the online trading platform and potential customers to use the products offered to generate income as well as for other commercial purposes.

The description of products, as well as topical articles published on the GanjaSeeds website, are provided for informational purposes only and are of a general informative nature, revealing the essence and characteristics of individual plants, cultures, and traditions of different nations.

All articles, product descriptions, and any other information published by GanjaSeeds are protected by copyright. Any use, copying, printing, distribution, or publication in other resources is permitted only with a clickable link to the primary source of GanjaSeeds.