Currently, cannabis seeds are allowed to be stored, transported, and distributed within the country. There are literally no states in the country that have classified cannabis seed as an illegal product. However, there are countries in which the purchase of cannabis seeds may trigger pertinent interest from law enforcement agencies. This does not mean that the customers will be subject to administrative or criminal prosecution, no, they may just fall under the beam of attention given to them by "Big Brother". Growers and breeders don't want to fly under the radar, so we use our insight and years of experience in the field to keep our customers as safe as possible.

Our Advantages

  • We do not keep customers' personal information,
  • We do not require registration to purchase our products,
  • Shipping details and the full name of the recipient are all that is needed from the customer,
  • Under no circumstances your personal information will be shared with third parties. The data is stored in an encrypted form on separate servers until the package is received by the customer,
  • A wide range of payment options, including the most secure and confidential currency on the planet – cryptocurrency – are available to our customers today.
  • A variety of delivery options: from a simple letter to the Spy Service.

Cannabis Seeds Confidentially Means Comfort

Since 2008, GanjaSeeds has been a leading and trusted supplier in the international cannabis seeds market. We are dedicated to making cannabis seeds affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to buy them. We have considered and addressed all the possible risks and pitfalls of shipping and have improved our service to make shopping truly convenient and, most importantly, safe. Furthermore, we ensure dependable packaging and prompt delivery of our products at the highest level of quality. When you buy cannabis seeds at GanjaSeeds e-shop – you trust the professionals!