Free Cannabis Seeds Offered by GanjaSeeds

Everyone loves receiving gifts. The GanjaSeeds e-shop, contrary to stereotypes, loves giving gifts. These are not just words, but a proven fact. Our team regularly holds all kinds of sales, independently or in cooperation with the world's largest seed banks. New and exciting initiatives and projects continue to enhance our loyalty program. At some point, we got to thinking: "It's time to create an ongoing event, rather than a temporary campaign, where customers and partners don't have to make extra 'body motions' for bonus goodies."

Respecting each of our customers, we are excited to tell you about the ongoing promotion allowing you to receive free cannabis seeds. No action is required except for filing an application. All you need to do is remain an active user and place orders when you need to. GanjaSeeds will surely be grateful and reward you with a pleasant surprise. Just one purchase will be rewarded with the desired bonus seed.

Promotion General Conditions

Nothing extraordinary. Simply purchase seeds from our e-shop and you will automatically get a portion of bonus seeds added to your shopping cart.

It's very easy to count your free cannabis seeds:

  • For every 15 USD of your order + 1 free seed
  • Double the amount and get 2 free seeds.

Oh yeah, you grasp the concept in a snap, and we bet you understand the general approach. Your order amount will be divided by fifteen to determine the number of free seeds we will give away.