A safe purchase – a convenient purchase!

For years GanjaSeeds has been a leader in the Ukrainian and international market for the sale of selected cannabis seeds. We have considered all aspects of ordering and delivery details, and we are proud to say that it is safe to buy cannabis seeds in our seed shop!

Our Advantages

  1. We do not require customers to register on the GanjaSeeds website. Customers can start shopping while logged in as a Guest.
  2. We do not keep personal information. We do not keep or share information on our customers with third parties.
  3. We ask customers to provide only the information necessary to process and ship the order (address and name of the recipient).

Most of our orders are sent by registered mail in a protective document envelope with a special layer of the air cushion to prevent cannabis seeds from being damaged during shipping. In practical terms, this form of shipping has proven to be both convenient and safe. In addition, our customers have the option to order a "Spy" service. It involves sending cannabis seeds disguised as packages of agricultural seeds (celery, parsley, carrots, or beets).

In Conclusion

Through years of service to thousands of growers worldwide, the GanjaSeeds team has earned an impeccable reputation as a trustworthy supplier. We know how essential the privacy and safety of every customer are, and we are ready to ensure it. When you choose GanjaSeeds, you are opting for the finest quality and maximum reliability.