Auto Royal Bluematic feminised Ganja Seeds

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  • Overview

    Let's dive into the fascinating world of Auto Royal Bluematic cannabis strain. This hybrid is much loved by cannabis enthusiasts all over the world for its impressive genetics, rich flavor profile and powerful effects.

    Auto Royal Bluematic Lineage and Genealogy

    Auto Royal Bluematic aka Blueberry Auto is the feminized autoflowering strain of the famous Blueberry variety known for its sweet berry taste and aroma. A great descendant of Blue Mystic represented in the feminized autoflowering option to give you even more choices, plus faster yields of the Blueberry bud. The lineage of Auto Royal Bluematic goes back to Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghan landraces resulting in the legendary Blueberry variety crossed with ruderalis genetics added to form autoflowering characteristics, which means the plant will flower upon reaching a certain age, rather than altering the light mode. Created in the 1970s by DJ Short, Blueberry is an iconic indica-dominant hybrid known for its sweet berry flavor and relaxing effects. Auto Royal Bluematic plants are relatively compact and short in stature, typically reaching a height of around 60-75 cm indoors and 80-100 cm outdoors. The plant is bushy and dense, while the buds are bright green with hints of blue and purple, coated with sticky and fragrant trichomes. When grown under the right conditions, buds can be quite large and thick.

    Growing Auto Royal Bluematic

    Auto Royal Bluematic is a hassle-free option for growers as it can thrive both indoors and outdoors. With an automatic and fast-flowering life cycle of 8-9 weeks, it can produce an impressive yield of up to 425-475 g/m² indoors and 120 grams per plant outdoors. For indoor cultivation, it's essential to select high-quality seeds and opt for 8-10 liter smartpots or aipots. A proper growing environment includes LED lighting on a 18/6 or 20/4 light schedule, proper ventilation with a charcoal filter, well-draining soil or coco substrate, nutrients, and adequate watering and fertilization. Maintaining a warm, humid environment with good air circulation is also essential, and checking pH and PPM levels is highly recommended.

    Despite the fact that Auto Royal Bluematic thrives in warm, sunny climates, it can also withstand colder regions. It's best to plant seeds in open soil enriched with mycorrhizae and drainage components when the average daytime temperature reaches 15 °C. The strain prefers temperatures between 20-26 °C during the day and cooler nights when grown outdoors. The key to success is to choose a location with plenty of sunlight, at least 6-10 hours per day. To prevent root rot, it's important to water the plant deeply once or twice a week, depending on the weather and the size of the plant. A balanced nutrient formula is recommended during the vegetative stage, while the bloom-specific fertilizer is recommended during flowering. Low stress training techniques such as bending, SOG/SCROG can be used to promote airflow, uniform growth and better yields. Regular monitoring of trichomes is crucial to determine the best time to harvest, when they are milky white with a slight amber tint.

    One of the most important factors to consider when growing autoflowering strains is to avoid stress at all costs. Transplanting, overfeeding, underwatering, overwatering or extreme temperatures can all affect the plant's growth, resulting in stunted growth, lower yields and reduced potency. It's important to create a stable environment that promotes healthy growth and high-quality buds.

    Auto Royal Bluematic Flavor and Aroma

    Auto Royal Bluematic is the strain known for its rich terpene profile including a wide range of different compounds contributing to its rich and unique flavor and aroma. The dominant terpenes in this strain comprise myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene. Myrcene is responsible for the sweet and fruity aroma, caryophyllene adds a spicy undertone, and limonene adds a citrusy note to the overall signature. Together these terpenes create a complex and delicious smoke that is both sweet and spicy with berry, citrus, woody and earthy undertones on the exhale.

    Auto Royal Bluematic Effects

    Due to the calming effects of its terpenes, Auto Royal Bluematic has a mellow, relaxing effect. The strain is noted for its moderate THC content of 14-18% and contains trace amounts of CBD, enhancing the relaxing and therapeutic effects. Auto Royal Bluematic is popular among both medical and recreational cannabis users. Its sedative effects make it a great choice for those who want to unwind after a long day without getting too stoned, while its painkilling qualities can help ease aches of different nature. It's also known for its mood elevating effects, making it a great choice for those struggling with depression, stress or anxiety.

    In Conclusion

    Auto Royal Bluematic is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a superior quality and easy-to-grow cannabis strain offering impressive yields in a short time, delicious flavor and aroma packed in the achievement of stable genetics obtained by the best breeders from the United States and Europe, as well as powerful effects delivered by the rich cannabinoid and terpene profile. Whether you're a recreational smoker looking for a way to relax or a medical user seeking relief from pain or anxiety, this strain has a lot to offer. By providing the right growing conditions, you can ensure that your plants produce the best possible yields and that the resulting buds are loaded with flavor, aroma and potency. So if you're looking to try something special, why not give Auto Royal Bluematic a try? It might just become your new favorite uplifting treat that you'll want to grow, harvest and smoke all year round.

  • Features
    Manufacturer:Ganja Seeds
    THC:High - 16-19%
    CBD:Low - up to 0,5 %
    Flowering:Autoflowering Strain
    Flavor and Aroma:Berry
    Cannabis Type:Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
    Flowering Period:6-7 weeks
    Height Outdoor:Medium - up to 150 cm.
    Height Indoor:Low - up to 80 cm.
    Yield Outdoor:Moderate - up to 150 g/plant.
    Yield Indoor:High - 400-600 g/m2 or up to 200 g/plant.
    Harvesting Period:Depending on planting
    Cultivation:Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Medical Strains:No
    For Beginners:Yes
    Cup Winners:No
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      Let's dive into the fascinating world of Auto Royal Bluematic cannabis strain. This hybrid is much loved by cannabis enthusiasts all over the world for its impressive genetics, rich flavor profile and powerful effects.
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