LED panel 480-800 W

  • Overview

    Upgrade your indoor cultivation experience with advanced customized full-spectrum LED lights from GanjaSeeds!

    Full-Spectrum Lighting

    Unleash the true potential of your plants with full spectrum lighting that mimics natural sunlight. Our lamps emit the ideal combination of wavelengths in the 3500K range with red, ultraviolet and infrared spectra. With this comprehensive range, your plants will benefit from ideal lighting at every stage of their development.

    LM301H LEDs by Samsung

    Our panels are equipped with high-end LM301H LEDs manufactured by Samsung, offering unrivaled performance and a lifetime guarantee of up to 8 (!) years. They ensure your plants get the light they need to grow vigorously and produce the highest yields possible.

    Industrial-Grade Efficiency

    Our lamps are customized to meet the needs of professional growers: the integrated driver and all-in-one assembly eliminate any installation complications. Moreover, the fan-free design ensures quiet operation and comfortable use.

    Optimal Heat Dissipation

    Innovative heat dissipation technology maintains the ideal temperature balance in your grow space. Durable aluminum heat sink provides efficient heat dissipation to prevent overheating.

    Adaptive Configuration

    From small grow rooms and tents to vertical racks, our 6- and 10-bar luminaires fit seamlessly into any space. Adjust lighting uniformity with reliable metal hangers. The dimming function reduces energy costs and fine-tunes the light intensity to meet the needs of your plants as they progress through different stages of maturity.

    Complete Unit

    Complete panels are available in the size of 100x100 cm with the option of installing 6-way and 10-way luminaires producing 480W and 800W respectively. The package includes an adapter for American (type A) outlets for convenient compatibility.

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail, down to the company logo that adorns each panel. When you choose GanjaSeeds lighting solutions, you opt for a hallmark of quality and cutting-edge expertise in growing technology.

    Make a step forward to innovative growing technology. Elevate your grow to the highest level with GanjaSeeds full-spectrum LED lights, and unleash the potential of your plants to unparalleled perfection.

  • Features
    Manufacturer:Ganja Seeds
    Analog of HPS lamp, Watt:Metal, aluminum radiator, active cooling
    Luminous flux LM:3500К
    Spectrum:Full Spectrum: 380 nm - 840 nm
    Rated frequency:120-260 V
    Power:480-800 W
    Overall dimensions, mm:100x100
    Service life:8 years
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    Upgrade your indoor cultivation experience with advanced customized full-spectrum LED lights from GanjaSeeds!
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