Dear growers, the most awaited event of the year and shopping holiday is just around the corner, however we are already pleasing you with incredible deals on our selected cannabis seeds!

Only with us Black Friday offers include:

  • Weeks of discounts - now through December 5!
  • 30%, 40%, 50% and even 70% off! 
  • A wide selection of feminized photoperiod, autoflowering and fast-flowering varieties

At GanjaSeeds, Black Friday is blazing with generous and unprecedented offers! Don't miss this unique opportunity to expand your collection of strains at insanely attractive prices. Upgrade your portfolio of achievements with the most outstanding, resilient and versatile varieties! Stock up for the outdoor spring season or bounce into a new indoor cycle with top-quality seeds sourced from the best breeders!

Visit the seedshop of GanjaSeeds today and feel the pure magic of Black Friday!


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