Indigo Berry Kush feminised Ganja Seeds

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  • Overview

    Indigo Berry Kush is a photoperiod feminized indica-dominant (60/40) hybrid with a high THC content (up to 21%). This strain is moderately demanding and will be suitable for growers who are willing to invest the time and effort to create the appropriate growing conditions. The plant features a compact indica structure with sativa traits in bud formation at the flowering stage. Multiple lateral branches are densely covered with thick buds with orange pistils, occasionally flecked with lilac hue. This strain is notable for its amazing production of trichomes with fragrant resins, perfect for making concentrates. Read on, and we'll describe its unique aroma and flavor in more detail.

    Genealogy and the History of Creation

    Indigo Berry Kush has a truly rich lineage, as breeders initially sought to get rid of citrus and sour tones and combined the classic earthy, spicy SOG Kush with the exquisite berry and floral Blue Monster, a hybrid of the legendary OG Kush, Afghan and Thai landraces. Blending all the finest organoleptic characteristics of its parents and having the perfect balance of indica and sativa, Indigo Berry Kush will prove to be one of the most unusual and cherished strains in your collection.

    Growing Features

    Indigo Berry Kush shows excellent results both indoors and outdoors, favoring warm and moderately humid growing conditions. The strain excels in light, well-drained soils and responds well to regular feeding. Apply NPK balanced fertilizers and organic blends. Introduce training methods like SOG, LST, defoliation, and topping. Their application will greatly increase the yield and quality of buds. As mentioned above, Indigo Berry Kush is the photoperiodic variety and the grower can adjust its growth independently. To obtain a compact bush, we recommend switching the plant to flowering mode (12/12) when it reaches a height of 50-70 cm during the vegetative stage.

    Growing indoors

    The compact shape of Indigo Berry Kush is a real advantage in a limited indoor space. Use full spectrum LED lights or HPS lamps. Ensure adequate ventilation and air circulation around the plant, a temperature range of 20-25 °C during the day and 14-20 °C at night, with 40-50% relative humidity during vegetation and 30-40% during flowering, to obtain the best possible results and quality of the yield.

    Growing outdoors

    Indigo Berry Kush thrives in organic soil enriched with mycorrhizae for the best development of the root system. The strain is resistant to fungus and mold, however, some extra attention and care will not go amiss. Water regularly following a schedule and avoid overwatering and overfeeding. Training methods of FIM, SOG, SCROG will also be beneficial. Want to unleash the plant's full potential? Be prepared to install bamboo stakes so that the branches don't break under the weight of the swollen buds.

    Flavor and aroma

    The strain has a truly unforgettable flavor and aroma. A rich floral and berry base with a citrus haze interweaves with subtle hints of spice, earthy, musky and sweet creamy undertones on the exhale.


    Indigo Berry Kush is a perfectly balanced indica-dominant hybrid delivering a powerful effect, making it the best choice for any time of the day. The strain offers a brisk sativa entry followed by a deep indica meltdown that keeps the mind focused and clear, which will be a huge asset when you need to stay productive throughout the day.

    Medicinal Use

    Due to its complex terpene profile, the strain provides anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative properties, making it effective in treating chronic pain, anxiety, depressive disorders and insomnia, while its ability to improve appetite and reduce nausea is often used by patients undergoing chemotherapy.

    Flowering Period and Recommendations

    It takes about 8-9 weeks for Indigo Berry Kush to complete the flowering stage, yielding an amazing 450-600g/m² when all conditions are met. Outdoors, a diligent grower can harvest up to 700 grams per plant in late September, early October. During the last weeks of flowering, the pistils tend to dry out, and trichomes become so resinous that they are visible to the naked eye. The signal for harvesting will be a change in the color of trichomes to cloudy with rare inclusions of a rich amber tint. Once picked, the buds should be dried and cured to achieve the best flavor and unleash their full potential.

    The cannabis strains offered in the GanjaSeeds seedshop are characterized by their stable genetics, which have been tested in the laboratory and applied in the field by professional growers from all over the world. All varieties offer a comprehensive profile of cannabinoids and terpenes and always deliver impeccable results when cultivated under optimal conditions.

    We wish you easy growing and bountiful harvests of fragrant buds!

  • Features
    Manufacturer:Ganja Seeds
    THC:Very High - 20-24%
    CBD:Low - up to 0,5 %
    Flowering:Photoperiod Strain
    Flavor and Aroma:Floral
    Cannabis Type:Indica / Sativa
    Flowering Period:8-9 weeks
    Height Outdoor:Very Tall - up to 300 cm.
    Height Indoor:Low - up to 80 cm.
    Yield Outdoor:Very High - up to 1000 g/plant.
    Yield Indoor:High - 400-600 g/m2 or up to 200 g/plant.
    Harvesting Period:From late September to mid-October
    Cultivation:Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Medical Strains:No
    For Beginners:Yes
    Cup Winners:No
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      Indigo Berry Kush is a photoperiod feminized indica-dominant (60/40) hybrid with a high THC content (up to 21%). This strain is moderately demanding and will be suitable for growers who are willing to invest the time and effort to create the appropriate growing conditions.
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