Auto Royal AK feminised Ganja Seeds

  • Overview

    Auto Royal AK is an exceptional feminized autoflowering strain that has captured the hearts and minds of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. If you are looking for an easy to grow strain that provides an amazing high and outstanding flavor, look no further. This is it!

    Auto Royal AK Genealogy and Lineage

    The strain was created by Spanish breeders renowned for their dedication to the craft and decades spent on breeding new cannabis strains. Speaking of Ganja Seeds Auto Royal AK cannabis seeds, we cannot but mention its exceptional genealogy, descending from the iconic AK-47 combined with well-known Afghan, Colombian, Mexican and Thai landraces. The goal in creating the autoflowering Royal AK was to produce a feminized sativa-dominant strain that would give the plant a breathtaking beauty, exceptional yields, high potency and an outstanding flavor in the best possible time frame due to fast-flowering ruderalis genetics. And they got it! It only takes 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This is the time when you will observe and enjoy an eye-catching plant with dark green leaves, elastic buds of a light purple and lime color, covered with sticky trichomes and fiery orange pistils. This strain is a gorgeous sight and is sure to impress even the most demanding cannabis connoisseurs.

    Growing Auto Royal AK

    Auto Royal AK is the easy-to-grow strain that feels comfortable both indoors and outdoors.

    It is an excellent choice for indoor microgrowing due to its short stature (60-70 cm) and can thrive even in confined spaces. Choose a 7-10-liter pot, fill it with a well-drained soil or substrate, set the lights to 18/6 or preferably 20/4, provide ventilation and decent air circulation, keep the temperature and humidity parameters under control and at the end of the cycle this shorty will surprise you with a decent yield of 425-475 g/m2. Avoid exposing the plant to stresses caused by heavy training, transplanting and overwatering. Keep in mind that this is an autoflowering variety and any stress can stunt its growth, which will undoubtedly affect the yield and quality of buds. Choose a single-pot cultivation method, with low-stress training (LST, SOG, SCROG) and scheduled watering according to the plant's stage of development. And you will be blessed!

    Growing Auto Royal AK outdoors is always safe and stealthy due to its low profile (80-90 cm). An excellent choice for guerrilla grow. Moreover, the incredible flowering pace allows up to two harvests per season. Each harvest will be distinguished by a yield of 110-160 grams of sticky and luscious buds from a single plant. Increase yields by applying low-stress trainings during the vegetative stage and using boosters during the flowering stage. Our basic advice for outdoor cultivation is to keep an eye on the plant for insect attacks. Don't forget to treat the plant regularly with natural pesticides (neem oil).

    Auto Royal AK Flavor and Aroma

    Auto Royal AK has a rich terpene profile which is responsible for its unique flavor and aroma. The most dominant terpenes in this strain are humulene, caryophyllene, linalool and limonene, giving the strain a spicy, gassy, earthy flavor with hints of berries, citrus and pine. Auto Royal AK has a pungent, skunky, diesel scent with hints of citrus and cedar.

    Auto Royal AK Effects

    When consumed it produces an energetic euphoric sativa high, balanced and physically relaxing. The effect is intense and long-lasting, a combination of cerebral high and body stone. Royal AK usually contains a moderate amount of THC (15-18%). The strain is known for alleviating pain, anxiety and depression and can also be helpful for insomnia and other sleep disorders. Auto Royal AK is also does wonders for those looking for a creative boost with a relaxing follow-up perfect for unwinding after a long stressful day.

    In Conclusion

    Auto Royal AK is an exceptional strain in GanjaSeeds cannabis seeds store. It is distinguished with an outstanding ability to deliver an amazing moderate high along with outstanding talkative stone. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a beginner looking to explore the world of cannabis, this strain is sure to impress. If you are looking for a strain that will get you up high to where the creative ideas live, help you to unwind after a long day or relieve the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions, Auto Royal AK is definitely worth considering.

    So why not give this amazing strain a try? Auto Royal AK is sure to bring an exceptional experience that you won't soon forget. With its complex terpene profile, moderate strong high and outstanding flavor, autoflowering feminized Royal AK is truly the strain not to be missed.

  • Features
    Manufacturer:Ganja Seeds
    THC:Medium - 10-15%
    CBD:Low - до 0,5 %
    Flowering:Autoflowering Strain
    Flavor and Aroma:Piney
    Cannabis Type:Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
    Genetics:AK 47
    Cross Genetics:АК 47 x Ruderalis
    Flowering Period:10-11 weeks
    Height Outdoor:Medium - up to 150 cm.
    Height Indoor:Low - up to 80 cm.
    Yield Outdoor:High - up to 250 g/plant.
    Yield Indoor:High - 400-600 g/m2 or up to 200 g/plant.
    Harvesting Period:Depending on planting
    Cultivation:Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Medical Strains:No
    For Beginners:Yes
    Cup Winners:No
    Effects:stone, relaxation
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      If you are looking for an easy to grow strain that provides an amazing high and outstanding flavor, look no further. This is it!
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